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Gallery Pictor is based on the policy: expand people’s mind and field of vision.


In this era, existing values and systems have become dysfunctional, and society as a whole is undergoing a major paradigm shift.

In this situation, we need to have the ability to scoop out what is truly important from the overflow of information and things.

Arts ask questions that are not yet common language in today’s society, but are essentially important.

This is because artists are skilled at focusing on, digging into, and visualizing what is not yet common right now.

The perspectives of artists will give you the opportunity to expand your thought and field of vision to a range that you cannot reach on your own, and will give you the strength to live flexibly in this age.


Arts will also inspire people with flexible thinking, creativity, and imagination and connect people between different filed.

We hope that Gallery Pictor will be the place to connect artists/their works and people and provide insights to those who gather there.






The gallery space in Kamakura has been closed in the end of March, 2024.

We will plan exhibitions in various locations in the future.


Gallery space in Kamakura (Apr 2019 – Mar 2024)




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