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個人情報取り扱い事業者 (当社) の名称 | Organization’s Name

Gallery Pictor(ギャラリーピクトル)


個人情報の管理者の氏名および連絡先 | Contact Details


   住所: 248-0014 神奈川県鎌倉市由比ガ浜3-1-28 鎌倉テーラービル202
   電話番号: 080-7085-8404

The contact details regarding the handling of personal information in the gallery are as follows:

   – Address: Kamakura Tailor Building 202, 3-1-28 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa 248-0014
   – Phone: +81-80-7085-8404
   – E-mail:
   – Person in charge: Sachi Nakajima (Ms)


取得する個人情報と利用目的 | Purpose of Acquired Personal Information 

1. 取得する個人情報

2. 利用目的


1. Acquisition of personal information
We acquire personal information properly to the extent just enough to achieve the purpose of use, and do not get it by false or other fraudulent means.

2. Purpose of using acquired personal information
We use the acquired personal information for the following purposes. Except in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, or in cases where notification of purpose of use is made separately, it will not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the providers.

   – Responding to inquiries about the gallery service, etc.
   – Delivery of information about the gallery service, delivery of e-mail news etc.
   – Other appropriate and smooth execution of the gallery’s work


個人情報の第三者提供に関する制限 | Provision of personal information to third parties


We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations regarding the provision of personal information to third parties.


個人情報の取り扱いの委託 | Security management of personal information


We properly manage personal information and take preventive measures against leakage, loss, damage etc. of personal information. When outsourcing the handling of personal information, we will supervise the body in charge to appropriately manage personal information.


個人情報の開示、訂正・追加・削除等 | Disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion of personal information


When the provider of personal information requests disclosure, correction, suspension and/or deletion of information, we will respond promptly on the basis of identity verification.


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