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武田 哲 |Tetsu TAKEDA

武田 哲 |Tetsu TAKEDA



Born in 1961 in Kobe, Japan. Based in New York from 1986 to 2010. Currently he lives and works in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. In recent years, he has shifted his production style away from the control of his own intentions and artifice, and has been creating three-dimensional works, paintings, drawings, and collages using beach drifts as materials.





個 展|Selected Solo Exhibitions

2002 Tetsu Takeda Exhibition, Gallery SO Aoyama,Tokyo

2002 Tetsu Takeda Exhibition, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2002 Selected Works 1988-2001, Freak Store Harajuku, Tokyo

2003 Tetsu Takeda Exhibition, Complex Universal Furniture Supply Daikanyama, Tokyo

2003 Ship of fools, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2004 Beast, Men and Gods, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2005 Into the Woods, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2006 Primitive Vision, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2007 All Around You, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2008 Tetsu Takeda Exhibition, The Gallery Muse at 269, London

2009 Tetsu Takeda New Works, Gallery Wall Aoyama, Tokyo

2014 Willful Blindness, Hot Buttered Club Shibuya, Tokyo

2016 The Sound of Nature, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong

2019 Goin’ Down South, Residency Exhibition Yantian Shenzhen, Shenzhen China

2022 Time Travelin’, space 8510, Tokyo

    New Landscape, Gallery Pictor, Kanagawa


グループ展・アートフェア|Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs


2018 Art Ink Asia Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2018 Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2018 Recover Exhibition, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong

2022 Arts & Library Show [Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous], Gallery Pictor, Kanagawa


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