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森 栄二 展《私の庭:cloudy》

Eiji Mori Solo Show -My Garden: cloudy-


「枇杷」H155 × W150 × D50 mm 木に彩色


(English follows after Japanese)


Gallery Pictor では2021年11月7日(日)~1128日(日)まで、森 栄二の個展《私の庭:cloudy》 を開催いたします。










目の前に立ちあがる斜面からは幾つもの木々が枝を伸ばしたくさんの葉が重なり合いながら暗いかげをつくっている。 この場所はゆるやかに隔絶されている。 空は頭上にほんのわずかに見えるばかりだ。









森 栄二

森 栄二 略歴(詳しいプロフィールはこちら




 - 会期  : 2021年11月7日(日)〜11月28日(日)

 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor







We are pleased to have Eiji Mori Solo Show My Garden: cloudy from November 7, Sunday through November 28, Sunday.

The wood carving which Eiji Mori produced seem to be intermingled with the reality felt like it has just been born here and elusiveness of memorized events. It may be due to the fluctuations of the subject and the object.

The artist closely observes the changes that occur in the garden and continues to watch over the activities and circulation of the small creatures that proceed uninterruptedly.

The observer eventually blends into the garden and projects the garden of his mind into the real garden.

Artist Statement


The grass is growing considerably.

At the slope that rises in front of you, many trees grow branches and many leaves overlap to form a dark shadow.

The sky is barely visible overhead.


The grass withers.

The flowers bloom and bear fruit.

When the leaves of a tree change color and fall off,

the branches of the tree change to a fine series of light purple lines.


This is also the real garden of my house, but it exists in my own mind as “my garden”.


Eiji Mori

Eiji Mori Short Biography (See details)

He creates works by wood carving, watercolor, pastel, etc. with the motif of children and small life such as plants that live in the nature around us.

Graduated from Tama Art University (Majored in graphic design) and Graduate School of Fine Arts (Majored in conservation of sculpture) , Tokyo University of Arts. Born in Odawara City, Kanagawa prefecture.


Basic Information of the Exhibition

 - Duration : November 7, Sun – November 28, Sun, 2021

 - Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor