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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム
古山 結・吉田 愛 二人展

Yui Furuyama and Ai Yoshida Joint Exhibition
in Gallery Pictor 2023 year-round program
-Gather and Draw-

左:吉田 愛《Wood grain 3》2023年, H57×W47cm, 和紙・銀箔 右:古山 結《頬をさわる 髪をはこぶ そしてまた さようなら》2023年, φ30cm, 木製パネル・下地材・岩絵具



(English follows after Japanese)


Gallery Pictor では2023年9月16日(土)~10月6日(金)まで、古山結・吉田愛 二人展《集まって引く》を開催いたします。















古山 結

矩形を大胆に崩した支持体に伸びやかな筆致で描く作品は、絵画と立体の間を 自由に行き来する。近年の展覧会に、’痺れと軽快’、’近接遠眺’ (いずれもCLEAR GALLERY TOKYO 2022)、 ‘新・今日の作家展’22 世界をとりとめる’ (横浜 市民ギャラリー 2022)など。シェル 美術賞2020 入選、東京藝大大学美術館に修了作品収蔵(2018)。東京藝術大学美術学 部絵画科日本画専攻 卒業、同大学院にて博士号(美術)取得。


吉田 愛

日本画をベースに、紙や木材、土などの自然素材と呼吸を合わせながら、五感を使っ て制作する。近年の展覧会に ‘時の触覚’ (いりや画廊 2022)、’斜と風(青木悠太朗・ 吉田愛 2人展)’ (KATSUYA SUSUKI GALLERY 2022)など。第9回FACE展2021 入選、 第37回上野の森美術館大賞展 賞候補入選(2019)。 東京藝術大学美術学部日本画専攻 卒業、同大学院修士課程絵画専攻修了。



 - 会期  : 2023年9月16日(土)〜10月6日(金)

 - 時間  : 12:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜(9月18日(月祝)はお休みですのでご注意下さい

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor





第3回 風 collective    10月1日(日) 材木座海岸にて開催(雨天順延の可能性あり)

吉田愛が発起人となって2023年1月に始まった “風と遊ぶ集団” 風collective。


今回は材木座海岸で10月1日(日)に開催決定! 詳細は後日掲載します。



第2回 風collective(2023年5月3日 材木座海岸にて)

Photo by Hide Watanabe




We are pleased to have Yui Furuyama and Ai Yoshida Joint Exhibition Gather and Draw from Saturday, 16th September through Friday, 6th October.


The theme of the gallery’s 2023 program, “play,” refers to “a slow oscillating movement, a to-and-fro movement within itself.” Also, <汓> and <斿>, the older Chinese characters for <遊> (means ‘play’) refer to “the rippling of the water surface caused by the wind” and “the way a flag or streamer flaps in the wind. 


Furuyama describes ‘playing’ for her as a state that is created in the gaps between movement. When she follows something that is moving or changing, she is caught up in the movement.

Yoshida says that the energy of the wind and light she feels when she is in nature often motivates her to create works. In addition to her ongoing work with Japanese paper and foil, she began making kites, or works that fly in the wind.


In this joint exhibition, two artists will connect through their play with the wind, create a field that draws us in and engage us in a swaying movement.

We hope you will enjoy the ‘back and forth’ movement of these two artists, who both pioneer free expression based on Japanese-style painting.


Artists Statement

Invited to playing and the wind, a field where people gather is being created. We draw the line for our works, and draw the line of kite string in the sky. Therefore the phrase ‘Gather and Draw’ came to our mind.

Our ‘back and forth’ movement or its trace will be enchased in the exhibition room. And a poet Naha Kanie will draw the words from there.  We’re excited about all the fun things that are sure to happen.



Short Biography


Yui Furuyama

Her works, boldly transformed rectangles, with a free brushstroke stretche between painting and sculpture. Recent exhibitions; New ‘Artists Today’ Exhibition 2022 We Catch the World at Yokohama Citizens Gallery in 2022, Numb and Pop (2023), Touching the close, looking into the distance (2022),  both at CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO. Selected for Shell Art Award 2020. Completion work for Graduate School has been housed in the Tokyo University of the Arts Art Museum.


Ai Yoshida

Based on Japanese painting, she produces works with all five senses, breathing with natural materials such as paper, wood, and soil. Recent exhibitions; Touches of Time at GALLERY IRIYA in 2022, Two-person Exhibition with Yutaro Aoki, Oblique and Breeze at KATSUYA SUSUKI GALLERY in 2022. Selected for the 9th FACE 2021 and the 37th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition in 2019. Master’s degree at Department of Painting, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts.


Basic Information of the Exhibition

 - Duration : Saturday, 16th September – Friday, 6th October, 2023

 - Open hours: 12:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday including public holiday

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor