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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム
畑山 太志 ソロ・エキシビション

Taishi Hatayama Solo Exhibition
in Gallery Pictor 2022 year-round program
-The Way to be Objective-

円環のしつらえ, 2022年, キャンバス・アクリル, H41.0 × W31.8cm


(English follows after Japanese)


Gallery Pictor では2022年6月18日(土)~7月15日(金)まで、畑山 太志のソロ・エキシビション《客観の方法》を開催いたします。



本展は、畑山が正岡子規の ”客観” にふれて主観と客観の位置付けを問い直し、新たに挑む「ありのまま」の世界です。


中沢新一 著『ミクロコスモスⅡ  耳のための、小さな革命』 によると、正岡子規は「客観」によって主客合一をも超えた「ありのまま」の世界が見えてくるという。




畑山 太志

畑山 太志 略歴(詳しいプロフィールはこちら






 - 会期  : 2022年6月18日(土)〜7月15日(金)

 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor



 畑山太志のもう一つの 個展「空間体」が6月10日〜7月3日の期間、EUKARYOTE(東京・神宮前)にて開催されます。

  畑山太志 個展「空間体」 (Link)

  - 会期  : 2022年6月10日(金)〜7月3日(日)

  - 時間  : 12:00 〜 19:00

  - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜

  - 会場  : EUKARYOTE東京都渋谷区神宮前3-41-3)




We are pleased to have Taishi Hatayama Solo Exhibition The Way to be Objective from Saturday, 18th June  through Friday, 15th July.

Hatayama has consistently tried to depict “something like an atmosphere that cannot be seen with the eyes but can be felt within the body and mind.”

His approach to production seems to have been based on subjective sensation, and he also said, “I feel a sense of crisis that in today’s society, the emphasis is on being objective, and we tend to lose sight of our own sensations and the movements of our own hearts and minds.”

His works, however, provide viewers with an objective perspective that makes them aware of the interrelationships and linkages among the many living and nonliving things that surround humans.

In this exhibition, Hatayama will present a new challenge to the world of “as it is” by reexamining the positioning of subjectivity and objectivity in light of Shiki Masaoka’s objectivity.



Artist Statement


The haiku poet Shiki Masaoka says, according to the book Microcosmos II: A Small Revolution for the Ears written by Shinichi Nakazawa, that to be objective allows us to see the world “as it is,” beyond the subject-object integration.

I have been trying to focus on the sensations that arise within me, to avoid being too objective, in order to approach the most vivid dimension of things. It was to value subjective experience and perception. On the other hand, Shiki tried to realize seeing the world in its naked figure through objectivity, devoid of subjective feelings and thoughts. I feel empathy, though it is presumptuous, for the fact that we tried to see the world in a similar way, even though the process is different.

Subjectivity and objectivity are not mere dichotomies; subjectivity leads to objectivity, and objectivity leads to subjectivity. In the midst of this circular motion, the world “as it is” may come into view.


Taishi Hatayama

Taishi Hatayama Short Biography (See details)

Hatayama explores the idea of the unseen “atmosphere” and “presence” that we feel in places of nature, and attempts to turn these physical sensations into concrete visuals. His works represent an intangible world, guided by what he calls “primordial perception”, a form of sensory perception our physical bodies are inherently equipped with.

In 2014, Hatayama received both the Outstanding Performance Award and the special jury prize (Kohei Nawa Award) at the inaugural CAF ART AWARD for his signature white-toned paintings. The artist’s practice incorporates a range of motifs including the idea of umwelt, or the world as experienced by particular organisms, in relation to various natural phenomena; networks formed by plants and diverse bio life; and a new form of nature in the contemporary era that incorporates digitality and AI. 

He completed a MFA in painting at Tama Art University in 2017. Born in Kanagawa, Japan.


Basic Information of the Exhibition

 - Duration : Saturday, 18th June – Friday, 15th July, 2022

 - Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor