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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム
TETTA ソロ・エキシビション

TETTA Solo Exhibition
in Gallery Pictor 2022 year-round program

《20210418_Semui》2022年, φ30cm, 油彩・墨・シナベニヤパネル


(English follows after Japanese)


Gallery Pictor では2022年9月18日(日)~10月8日(土)まで、TETTAソロ・エキシビション《exitus》を開催いたします。















《2020年からのドローイング》2022年, ペン・紙






体という “うつわ” から外に出るということでもあり、客観視して、本物はどれか選び出すということにつながっています。

今回の個展では、2020年初頭から現在まで日々の記録として iPhoneに撮りためた写真からモチーフを選んでいます。私が素直に良いと思ったもの、心が動いたもの、それらを右(2020年)から左(現在)へ時が進むのをを追いかけながらモチーフを配しました。2020年の現在、2021年の現在、2022年の現在、、、を想起する。そうすることで、現在(いま)の自分という個を客観的に見つめ直し、自分の軸を探っています。



TETTA 略歴(詳しいプロフィールはこちら


” 仏像は一体ごとに、その作られた地域や時代によって、大きく様式が変化する“時代の合わせ鏡” のようなものです。私は仏像をモチーフとすることで、「今」という時代を表そうとしています。様々な土地に足を運び、人々との交流を通して、今の時代が求める救済の姿を作品に具現化し、500 年後、1000 年後の人々に私の生きた時代をつたえる役割を果たしたいと願っています。”


 - 会期  : 2022年9月18日(日)〜10月8日(土)

 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜(祝日含む)

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor








 - 開催日時 :2022年9月18日(日) 15:00 〜 16:00(レセプションは16:15〜18:00頃まで)

 - 会場   :Gallery Pictor

 - スピーカー:TETTA

 - 参加費  :無料

 - 定員  : 15名程度




We are pleased to have TETTA Solo Exhibition <exitus> from Sunday, 18th September  through Saturday, 10th October.

TETTA creates works based on the motif of Buddhist images in a various methods of expression including paintings, photographs, performances and art projects. Among them, TETTA once told that painting is a foundational and important method of expression for her.

TETTA’s paintings give the impression of “never stopping. Even if she is painting a still life, her paintings always have a sense of “motion”.


The Buddhist image represents the salvation required in a each era. I hope to embody in my works the image of salvation in the current age, and to play a role in conveying the era in which I lived to people in the future.

TETTA’s paintings are not stopping. The reason for this is probably because she looks at the people who are alive and things that are happening right now and she tries to convey them.


For this exhibition, TETTA thought about her own center in response to the program’s main theme, Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous. And she found a clue in the word <exitus> to explore her center.

If each one of us can find our own center and have a stable axis, we will be able to save ourselves. Perhaps it will be the power to change the world.



Artist Statement

The Latin word <exitus>, from which the English word <exit> is derived, encompasses not only “go out” and “exit,” but also “transference,” “result,” and even “death”. It also means to get out of the “vessel” of the body, which relates to looking at things objectively and probing the real things.

For this solo exhibition, I selected motifs from the photos I have taken on my iPhone as a daily record from the beginning of 2020 to the present.  I placed the motifs what I honestly like and what moved my heart by following the progression of time from the right (2020) to the left (present), recalling the present in 2020, the present in 2021, the present in 2022, and so on. By doing so, I objectively look back at myself as an individual in the present (now) and search for my axis.





TETTA Short Biography (See details)

Born in 1982 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She creates paintings, photographs, performances and art projects based on the motif of Buddhist images.

“Each Buddhist statue is like a mirror of its time, with the style of the statue changing greatly depending on the region and era in which it was made. By using Buddhist images as motifs, I am trying to represent the “present” era. Through visiting various places and interacting with people, I hope to embody in my works the image of salvation that is required in the current age, and to play a role in conveying the era in which I lived to people in the future, 500 or 1000 years from now.”



Basic Information of the Exhibition

 - Duration : Sunday, 18th September – Saturday, 10th October, 2022

 - Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday including public holiday

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor




Join TETTA’s TALK on Sunday, 18th September, the opening day of the exhibition and learn about the world that surrounds the word <exitus>, which is the title of the solo exhibition.

TETTA will also give an explanation of her works which contain Buddhist ideas, anecdotes, and styles of Buddhist statues. It will broaden your viewpoint. Please join us for a reception after the talk, too.


TETTA’s TALK information

 - Talk Time : 3:00 – 4:00 pm, Sunday, 18th September 

 - Reception Time : 4:15 – 6:00 pm, Sunday, 18th September 

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor