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ユキ・ホワイト展 -To be Different-

Yuki White Solo Show -To be Different-


Yuki White - It's OK to be different
‘It’s OK to be different’, Oil on canvas, H65.2cmxW53cm


(English follows after Japanese)


Gallery Pictor では202173日(土)~725日(日)まで、ユキ・ホワイトの個展 -To be Different- を開催いたします。


本展の企画は、ユキ・ホワイトがニューヨーク滞在中に制作した ‘Intermingling’ シリーズが起点となっています。Intermingling は、質の違うもの同士を混ぜるという意味のmingleと、「相互に」を意味する接頭辞 inter から成っています。混ざり合うのは人と人、アイデア、感情、素材など様々です。mingleはまた、パーティや交流会などで人々がランダムに会話したり一緒に何かを楽しんだりすることにも使われます。




本展では ‘Intermingling’ シリーズに新作 ‘Its OK to be different’ を加え、私たち一人ひとりのユニークな存在とそれによって構成される多様な世界に目を向け、力強いメッセージを発信します。




今回の展覧会では、「違っていて良い」(It’s OK to be different)というメッセージを送りたいと思います。この展覧会のテーマは多様性です


ユキ・ホワイト 略歴(詳しいプロフィールはこちら

2011 年よりニューヨークを拠点に作品を発表。2013年から2015年まで、抽象画家ビル・ジェンセン(Bill Jensen)のスタジオでアシスタントを務めながら、Jeffery Leder Gallery(ニューヨーク・クイーンズ)や440 Gallery(同・ブルックリン)などのコンペティションを通過し、展覧会に参加。2014年には在ニューヨーク日本国総領事館にて個展を開催。ニューヨーク州立ファッション工科大学卒業(絵画専攻)。東京都出身。





 - 会期  : 2021年7月3日(土)〜7月25日(日)

 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor



We are pleased to have Yuki White Solo Show -to be different- from July 3, Saturday through July 25, Sunday.


The planning of this exhibition has been started from the concept of ‘Intermingling’ series which Yuki White produced when she was living  in New York. The verb Intermingle consists of the prefix inter which means “mutually” and the verb mingle which means to mix different things together. People, ideas, emotions, materials….variety of things can be mingled. Mingle is also used for people to have random conversations and enjoy something together at parties and social gatherings.


Differences can be a source of frictions and barriers for our society, but it is also true that the mixture of different things has developed our society by creating new things and ideas, or solutions to problems. Now that the world is facing various common challenges, we can use each other’s differences as a reason for cooperation rather than frictions.


This exhibition consists of ‘Intermingling’ series and the new work ‘It’s OK to be different’. These works will send a powerful message by making us look at the unique existence of each of us and the diverse worlds that consist of them.

Artist Statement [ Read all statement ]


In this exhibition, I would like to send the message that It’s OK to be different. The theme in this exhibition is diversity.

I believe diverse society is healthier and stronger because we can deal with drastic changes and complicated difficulties by cooperating each other. Diverse society will also help to create new things and solutions, invented by people with different and unique experiences. Diverse society will also help to create new things and solutions, invented by people with different and unique experiences.


Yuki White Short Biography (See details)

Started her artist career based in New York in 2011. From 2013 to 2015, while working as an assistant of Bill Jensen Studio, she participated in exhibitions through competitions such as Jeffery Leder Gallery in Queens, New York and 440 Gallery in Brooklyn. In 2014, she held a solo exhibition NY-TOKYO/JAPAN-US Exhibitionat the Consulate General of Japan in New York. Graduated from FIT, State University of New York (Majored in  Fine Arts with specialization in Painting). Born in Tokyo.


Basic Information of the Exhibition

* The duration may be changed depending on the situation of spread prevention measures against COVID-19 in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture.


 - Duration : July 3, Sat – July 25, Sun, 2021

 - Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor