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石川 直也 ソロ・エキシビション《自立しない人》アーティスト・ステートメント

Artist's Statement for Person Not Independent by Naoya Ishikawa

石川 直也 ソロ・エキシビション《自立しない人》アーティスト・ステートメント

(English follows after Japanese)












 《自立しない人》が Gallery Pictor の壁にもたれて初めて立ったのは約一年前、その時、熊谷晋一郎さんの言葉に出会う。「自立とは依存先を増やすこと」。それは、私が《自立しない人》で伝えたいことと同じように思ったし、豊かな考え方だと感じた。 私が自然と思える彫刻が作れたのは、アトリエの土地や木々、素材の石、周りの人々に頼ることが できたからだと思う。




石川 直也





Person Not Independent cannot stand on its own. It is a sculpture that can stand only by leaning against a wall. It was born out of the search for “what is natural sculpture and the natural human body” and his relationship with the environment in his studio.


Several years ago, I built a private studio. The first sculpture born in that studio was Person Not Independent. The land was covered with trees, making it difficult for a person to even stand, much less for a sculpture.  Trees had to be cut and a level ground had to be created, but I learned for the first time that a process called “earth retaining is required at first. I realized that every place I have ever lived in has been dirt-packed by someone else, and that I have been living in a world that has already been flattened. It was only then that I realized that all the places I had lived had already been leveled by someone else.

Eventually, with the help of the people around me and my family, I had enough space to place stones and work, but I knew then that I was not independent.


Now, at this time I was thinking about what to make here, and I was simultaneously thinking about what a natural human body sculpture is. In sculpture, the human body is often thought of as a coolly posed figure on a solid base, and in fact, in college and educational institute, students have learned to make human bodies that are centered and free-standing. But is such a sculpture of the human body really natural ? Can we say that we are standing on our own feet? And what does independence mean?


I make sculptures on this land where it was difficult for me to even stand. I thought that my sculpture would not have to stand. I then created Person Not Independent, imagining a sculpture that could stand by leaning against a wall. It was the first sculpture that seemed natural to me.


It was about a year ago that Person Not Independent first stood leaning against the wall of Gallery Pictor. It was then that I came across the words of Mr. Shinichiro Kumagai, who said, “independence means increasing the number of people on whom you depend.” I thought that was similar to what I wanted to convey in Person Not Independent and it was a positive way of thinking. I was able to create human sculptures that seemed natural to me because I was able to rely on the land, trees around my studio, stones as materials, and people around me.


I would like to invite everyone to see the Person Not Independent and the fragment series with new attempt will stand by leaning against the walls of the gallery. 


Naoya Ishikawa


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