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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム《中心はどこにでもあり、多数ある》

畑山 太志|アーティスト・ステートメント

Taishi Hatayama's Statement for Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous

回転に加わる - 畑山太志
《回転に加わる》2022年, アクリル・キャンバス, H72.7 × W53.0 cm






畑山 太志




When we try to perceive a thing or a event, we may perceive it as having a solid outline and believe that we understand it completely. If you don’t pay attention, everything that is named will seem to be exactly what it is named. However, in the world of perception and sensation, before words are given, I think there is a vibrant poetic field where things are in constant flux and generation.


People tend to distance themselves from the object in order to remain objective, but I want to focus on the world that exists before they do that. By immersing ourselves in the place where things and events are generated, we may be able to reconfigure the way we perceive things.


Taishi Hatayama

February, 2022


Taishi Hatayama








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