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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム《中心はどこにでもあり、多数ある》

星野 美津子|アーティスト・ステートメント

Mitsuko Hoshino's Statement for Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous

Lichtkörner 2a - Mitsuko Hoshino
《Lichtkörner (光の粒子) 2a》2022年, 綿布・木枠・アクリルガッシュ・ビニール塗料, H18 x W20 x D2 cm









星野 美津子




A photograph of the interior of a nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope looks like a micrograph of the human nerve cells. And the nerve network of the human body is similar to the roots of a plant. From different perspectives, macro and micro, you will see a complete unified system. At the same time, each of these ‘complete beings with a center’ is closely connected to each other and spreads beyond time and space as a flow of energy drawing a spiral of development, repeating infinitely…. This is the view of this universe in my mind.


An artist paints a picture on a large screen, playing with the balance of colors and shapes within the limited frame and size of the medium, searches for, consciously or unconsciously, and determine (or dare not) on the center of the picture. However, when you cut out a part of the picture, the balance of colors and shapes, the subject-object relationship, and the represented image that existed before are easily destroyed, and a completely different tension (world) is created.


Based on the theme of Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous, I would like to present ‘multiple works that share the same world’ created from a single picture, enjoying the process of changing the center in the process of creation.


Mitsuko Hoshino

February, 2022


Mitsuko Hoshino









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