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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム《中心はどこにでもあり、多数ある》

石川 直也|アーティスト・ステートメント

Naoya Ishikawa's Statement for Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous

jiritusinaihito - Naoya Ishikawa
《自立しない人》2018年, 大理石, H30 x W10 x D10 cm







kujiranimieru2 - Naoya Ishikawa
《江の島 -たとえばくじらに見える-》2018年, H7 x W20 x D20 cm

石川 直也



I am planning to present a series of ‘Person not independent‘ throughout the year-long program. The first work of ‘Person not independent‘ will be exhibited at the pre-exhibition, Arts & Library Show. This work was created in the process of thinking about natural sculpture, what a natural human being is, and what it means for a person to be independent. It is also the first work of human sculpture that I considered natural.

This work cannot stand on its own sculpture. But by relying on the wall, it can stand anywhere. I think I was able to create human sculpture that I consider to be natural because I was able to rely on the land, the trees, the stones to be carved, and the people around me in my studio.

The other piece is a sculpture of Enoshima island. This work asks the question, “If Enoshima looks like a whale from one perspective, what would it look like from another perspective?” There are as many different perspectives as there are things to see.

Naoya Ishikawa

February, 2022







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