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Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム《中心はどこにでもあり、多数ある》


Yuki White's Statement for Centers are Everywhere, and Numerous

《It’s OK to be Different V》2021年, 油彩・キャンバス, H41 x W31.8 cm












For the past few years, I have been working on the theme of diversity. This is because I am fascinated by the possibilities and strength of a diverse society.

What will be possible in a world where everyone is free to live as they are, without being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, or their nationality? In a world where people respect each other and are free from prejudice and judgment, it will be easier to find new perspectives by freeing ourselves from unconscious oppression, and we will be able to create new things and devise solutions to complex problems with novel ideas and approaches that are not bound by conventional values, and move toward a better society.


The main theme of this program, Centers are everywhere, and Numerous, is an extension of the concept I have been working on, and I would like to work on my work in a more developed way. I myself will continue to work on my work with a new approach, unconstrained by conventional frameworks.


Yuki White

February, 2022


Yuki White










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