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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム《あそぶものたち・すさぶものたち》

花沢 忍|アーティスト・ステートメント

Shinobu Hanazawa Statement for Go back and forth, Proceed at your pleasure



友人 A と遊んだ時、急に海に行ったら、信じられないくらいの砂嵐で二人で爆走しながら爆笑して、帰ったら足の爪まで砂が入っていた。


猫が遊びたいときは、全力で走ってきて私の足を 2 回たたき、私が振り返って追いかけると全力で逃げて隠れる(頭だけ)。


友人 B と遊んだ時、彼女が作ってくれたタイ風のパスタの味が忘れられない。










2023 年はなるべく機嫌よく、なるべく寝て、なるべく散歩して、 いろんな命たちと遊びたいな。


花沢 忍




When I was playing with my friend A, we went to the beach on a sudden impulse, and got caught in an unbelievable sandstorm, and we both laughed as we blasted away. When I return home, I had sand under my toenails.


When my cat wants to play, he runs as fast as he can, slaps my leg twice, and when I turn and chase it, he runs away as fast as he can and hides (head only).


I will never forget the taste of the Thai-style pasta she made for me when I hung out with my friend B.

When I play with my boyfriend, I don’t listen to him well and talk only about me.

If I want to get close to someone, I take a walk with them.

When I feel good and I’m alone, I sing a song anyway and dance to the rhythm.

If I play with the ocean, it is a thrill to leave my life as it is.


When I want to play with painting, it is essential to let go of my will as much as possible and paint seriously. Then, a mysterious man appears and laughs, “What is this?”


I want to hang out again with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I want to get close to not only humans, but also nature life, animals, birds, and leaves better.

In this year, I want to be in a good mood, sleep as much as possible, walk as much as possible, and play with various kinds of life.


Shinobu Hanazawa

March, 2023








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