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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム《あそぶものたち・すさぶものたち》


Naha Kanie Statement for Go back and forth, Proceed at your pleasure

naha kanie_ai-sumasen







The Enoden train makes that big curve, yes, I just saw the ocean from the window, the ocean like a slender spine of book between houses, the book which is the ocean itself, is so blue. A station by the sea with a flowery cloth, which is divided over fences, the third volume I selected at random, and opened to reveal a playful paper in the form of a robe of feathers. The surface of the water that flutters in the wind changes its expression as it ripples, throwing bottles sway among the waves, lotus-like windsurfers, Yuigahama beach, black kites, kites…. The light that is divided into segments sews the shadows, and the shadows sew the light, sew and tie by hands with playfulness and peacefulness, going back and forth, ‘play’ related to prayer, love.

These are what I’m thinking.


Naha Kanie

March, 2023








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