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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム《あそぶものたち・すさぶものたち》

河本 蓮大朗|アーティスト・ステートメント

Rentaro Kawamoto Statement for Go back and forth, Proceed at your pleasure






作品が出来上がると、そこに私がいないような感じがすることがある。 自身の思考や意図を再現するのではなく、想定したイメージを超えたものが目の前に現れた時、初めてそれは作品となるのだろう。





河本 蓮大朗




I will try to create works that accept what comes naturally to me from my fingertips, rather than thinking with my mind. Not to aim for success or completion, but to ‘play’ <asobu/susabu> in the creation process. Even if there is no meaning, it is okay to be there. I thought it was necessary for me to affirm the entire existence of the work.


When an artwork is completed, I sometimes feel as if I am not there. It is not a reproduction of my own thoughts or intentions, but something beyond the assumed image that appears before my eyes, and only then does it become an artwork.


I believe that creation is about taking detours, making mistakes, and intertwining various attempts.

I hope to show you what I have created by looking closely, moving my hands, listening carefully, and doing my best to ‘play’.


Rentaro Kawamoto

March, 2023








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