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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム《あそぶものたち・すさぶものたち》

高橋 美衣|アーティスト・ステートメント

Mie Takahashi Statement for Go back and forth, Proceed at your pleasure

Mie Takahashi_Gradation Forms
《Gradation Forms》2022年、テラコッタ、アクリル、セラミック粉





自宅で育てている観葉植物、窓から見える木々、料理を盛り付ける器、毎朝通る小路、旅先での風景、外国製の変な置物、好きな映画のワンシーン、ポスターの文字、お菓子のパ ッケージ、ベランダの柱、故郷の雪、人。










Since I became familiar with art and started creating works, my view of things seems to have changed a lot.

I was moved and questioned more and more in all aspects of my daily life.


The houseplants I grow at home, the trees from the window, the dishes I use to serve the food, the path I take every morning, the scenery when traveling, strange foreign-made ornaments, a scene from a favorite movie, words on a posters, a package of sweets, a pillar on my balcony, snow in my hometown, and people.


I just keep looking at various things, drawing, creating, and expanding or narrowing the views.

I feel I have fun also to not be able to make the progress I want and to not be able to grasp something though it seems to be able to.


Creating is a very natural part of my daily ‘play’, and is neither special nor sublime.


Mie Takahashi

March, 2023








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