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Gallery Pictor 2023年プログラム《あそぶものたち・すさぶものたち》

吉田 愛|アーティスト・ステートメント

Ai Yoshida Statement for Go back and forth, Proceed at your pleasure

Ai Yoshida_Komorebi











「風と光」を捉える為、2023年の年明けから由比ガ浜や一色海岸で自作の凧を作り、空にあげる活動をしています。今回の展覧会では、その延長線上にどんな作品が生まれるのかあそび・すさびの中で生まれる新たなアプローチを楽しみながら表現出来ればと考えています。 観ていただく方の心の中にも、爽やかな風が吹く事を願っています。


吉田 愛




Feel the wind, feel the light, go back and forth, proceed at my pleasure.


Sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the field, and sometimes in the sky, I walk along the shore, climb mountains, and fly kites in strong winds to express the lines and colors in my mind.

The sheer cliffs, the endless calm of the water, the dazzling glow after the rain, and the bottomless black sea in the middle of the night.


Actually, the “joy, excitement, and fear of life and death” that I have experienced in nature such as these have become my energy and driving force behind my creation.

That is why I work with the wind every day to express the irregular surprise like the wind and the indeterminate appearance like water.


In order to capture the “wind and light,” I have been making my own kites and flying them at Yuigahama and Isshiki Beach since the beginning of the year 2023.

In this exhibition, I would like to see what kind of works will be created as an extension of these activities… I hope that I enjoy and express the new approaches that will be created in <asobi/susabi> and that a fresh breeze will blow in the hearts of the audiences as well.


Ai Yoshida

March, 2023








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