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小川浩司・関根洋子 二人展「湘南ものがたり」

Koji Ogawa & Hiroko Sekine Joint Exhibition|Bright Lives and Sceneries of Shonan

(English follows after Japanese)


 Gallery Pictor(ギャラリーピクトル)では、2019年9月28日(土)~10月19日(土)まで小川浩司と関根洋子の二人展「湘南ものがたり」を開催します。




小川浩司「江ノ電」F0, テンペラ / Koji Ogawa, ENODEN train, F0. Tempera
関根洋子「赤い風船」F4, 油彩 / Hiroko Sekine, Red balloon, F4, oil on canvas




小川 浩司(詳しいプロフィールはこちら



関根 洋子(詳しいプロフィールはこちら




・会期  : 2019年9月28日(土) − 10月19日(土)

       ★9月28日(土) 16:30よりオープニングパーティ(どなたでも参加可能)

・開廊時間: 11:00 〜 18:00

・休廊日 : 毎週月曜日

・会場  : Gallery Pictor






We have in Gallery Pictor a joint exhibition by Koji Ogawa and Yoko Sekine, “Bright lives and sceneries of Shonan,”  Sep. 28 (Sat) through Oct. 19 (Sat), 2019.

Having motif’s colors and forms thoroughly simplified, Koji Ogawa vividly depicts the object with his tempera colors deliberately composed. Yoko Sekine creates a fantastic world through narrative compositions of real scenes overlapped with mental images. 

Works of them, claiming character with each other, calmly coexist on the floor with a common apprehension of colors. Both mainly display small works which came from their life in Shonan in observing passing seasons, a breath of life, or people’s daily jobs. 




Koji Ogawa (See details)

After obtaining master degree, Tokyo University of Fine Art, first showed in the KOKUTEN Exhibition in 1988. Awarded prizes such as a candidate for the grand prix of Ueno-no-mori Art Exhibition in 1990, quasi Mayor’s award for the Modern Art Exhibition, Beppu, in 1995. A member, KOKUGAKAI group since 2006.


Hiroko Sekine (See details)

After obtaining master degree, Tokyo University of Fine Art, first showed in the KOKUTEN Exhibition in 1988. She’s been putting works forward in group exhibitions/recitals mainly in Ginza or Fujisawa. A member, KOKUGAKAI group since 2012. 


Basic Information 

 – Duration :Sat, 28th September – Sat, 19th Otcober, 2019

 – Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 – Close on every Monday.

 – Venue : Gallery Pictor