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8月20日(土)より開催する石川直也ソロ・エキシビジョン《自立しない人》のサイドイベントとして、彫刻家・石川直也のレクチャーによるワークショップ「石をみがく-海のかたち・人のかたち」を8月11日(木・祝) に開催します。











 - 開催日時: 2022年8月11日(木・祝) 13:30 〜 16:30

 - 会場  : Gallery Pictor

 - 講師  : 石川 直也

 - 参加費 : 1,000円(税込) /1名 ※ご家族でご参加の場合、1,500円(税込)/2名

 - 定員  : 15名

  • 材料・道具はこちらでご用意します。
  • ヤスリで石を削り、水を使いますので、汚れても良い服装かエプロンなどをお持ち下さい。
  • ご家族割引は2名1組単位です。ご家族3名でご参加の場合は、「1名様チケット」と「ご家族2名様1組チケット」を1つずつご購入下さい。





Workshop  -Polish Your Stones: Shapes of the Sea, Shapes of People-

on Thu.(public holiday), 11th August


As a side event of Naoya Ishikawa Solo Exhibition Person Not Independent, which will be held from Saturday, 20th August, a workshop entitled “Polish Your Stones: Shapes of the Sea, Shapes of People” will be held on Thursday and public holiday, 11th August.

In this workshop, we will prepare stones brought from the beach in Kamakura and from Ishikawa’s studio in advance, and participants will polish these stones. The polished stones will be displayed by Ishikawa at a later date in the exhibition space as an installation work titled Shapes of the Sea, Shapes of People. This will be a collaborative exhibition between Ishikawa and the participants.

Polish stones to find its original color and brilliance. Polished stones will become works of art. Please join us for a workshop that will give you a special experience. A stone that has been tossed in the ocean by waves will have a rounded and natural beauty, and a stone that has been touched by human hands will have a unique shape and shine according to the will of the person who made it.


Message from Naoya Ishikawa, Sculptor

The fallen stone is actually covered with countless scratches and stains, and the stone’s natural color is not showing. Rediscover the original color of the stone by polishing it with a file to eliminate those scratches. When the stone shines after polishing, that is the true brilliance of the stone.

The installation work, Shapes of the Sea, Shapes of People, is an attempt to put together stones naturally polished by the sea and stones polished by people. You will love both the shape of the sea and the shape of people.

(See Naoya Ishikawa’s profile)


Workshop Information

 - Date: Thursday (public holiday), 11th August, 2022.  Time. 1:30 〜 4:30 PM

 - Venue: Gallery Pictor

 - Lecturer: Naoya Ishikawa, sculptor

 - Fee: 1,000 yen /1 pesron ※Family discount: 1,500 yen /2 persons (incl. tax)

 - Capacity: 15 persons

  • We prepare materials and tools.
  • Please bring an apron or wear clothes that can get dirty as you will file stones and use water.


Application to Join

Naoya Ishikawa Solo Exhibition -Person Not Independent-


 - 会期  : 2022年8月20日(土)〜9月10日(土)
 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00
 - 休廊日 : 毎週月曜・火曜