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1月7日〜1月29日開催|星野 美津子ソロ・エキシビジョン《風と松》




Gallery Pictor 2022年プログラム《中心はどこにでもあり、多数ある》のソロ・エキシビションはいよいよ最後となります。星野美津子による《風と松》を2023年1月7日(土)~1月29日(日)に開催いたします。







星野 美津子 ソロ・エキシビション《風と松》


 - 会期  : 2023年1月7日(土)〜1月29日(日)

 - 時間  : 11:00 〜 18:00

 - 休廊日 : 月曜・火曜(祝日も同様)





Mitsuko Hoshino
星野 美津子



  • 講師:星野 美津子
  • 開催日時:2023年1月9日(月/祝) 11:00 〜 12:00(この日はギャラリー定休日でワークショップ開催のみとなります)
  • 会場:Gallery Pictor
  • 参加費:¥1,000(税込)
  • 定員:6名



  • 当日の準備について:動きやすい服装でご参加下さい。会場には着替えのスペースはございません。
  • 感染症対策について:当日、会場で体温と体調に問題がないことを確認させていただきます。体調不良がある場合などにはご参加をご辞退いただきますようお願いいたします。ワークショップ中のマスクの着用・不着用は任意とします。
  • お申込みとお支払いについて:事前に下記のフォームからお申込み下さい。現地での体調チェックがあるため、お支払いは当日現金にてお願いいたします。





We are pleased to have Mitsuko Hoshino Solo Exhibition Wind and Pine from Saturday, 7th January  through Sunday, 29th January, 2023. This exhibition is the part of Gallery Pictor’s 2022 year-round program.


Hoshino carefully observes things in nature and their relationships to each other, gently scoops them up, and creates works that seem to be reproduced using different materials and on different scales. Her perspective begins at the level of what we can sense with our five senses, sometimes moves into the microscopic world of matter, sometimes into the vastness of the life-space, or into the far reaches of time and space.

In this exhibition, she attempts to show the traces of communication between the two pine trees in her garden, the wind blowing through their branches and leaves, and Hoshino herself, as they spend time together and interact with each other, like a swaying dance.


To see details, please click the image above.


Basic Information of the Exhibition

 - Duration : Saturday, 7th January – Sunday, 29th January, 2023

 - Open hours: 11:00 – 18:00

 - Close on every Monday & Tuesday (including public holiday)

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor



Workshop: Breath, Flow, Body – Improvisation

Hoshino’s works often use wind, water, and other naturally occurring fluids as motifs. In creating such works, Hoshino pays attention to her own body movements and breathing, and routinely performs improvisational body movements incorporating contemporary dance and yoga into her daily studio warm-ups. In this workshop, you can experience this improvisation with Hoshino.


 - Lecturer : Mitsuko Hoshino

 - Date & Time:Monday (public holiday), 9th January,  11:00 – 12:00 AM

     * The gallery will be closed and only workshops will be held on this day.

 - Venue : Gallery Pictor

 - Fee:¥1,000

 - Capacity : 6 persons


[Precautions for Participation]

  • Preparation for the day: Please wear comfortable clothes. There is no space to change clothes at the gallery.
  • Infection Control: On the day of the event, we will take your temperature at the venue to confirm that you are in good physical condition. If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, we will ask you not to participate in the event. Wearing a mask is optional during the workshop.
  • Application and Payment: Please apply in advance using the form below. Please pay in cash on the day of the event due to on-site physical condition checks.